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• Housed eight women and three  babies (born while living in the home)

• Housed four additional children 

• Provided 1,062 “bed nights” for women

• Provided 1,118 “bed nights” for babies/children

• Eight clients completed over 670 hours of educational and  case management sessions

• One woman was baptized and one woman accepted Christ as her Savior

• Two children were dedicated to the Lord

• Two women received Doula Services (birth coaching)

• One woman received professional photography services

• One woman began attending school

• Two women moved on to independent or family living situations (one woman we have no additional info)

• One woman transitioned to a different program

• Four others continue living at the NLC Home 

• Four women began an eight week sexual purity program (through Options For Women)

2018 Statistics

• 100% of the women in our program received case management services

• 100% of the women in our program received life skills training

• 100% of the women in our program this year received appropriate prenatal care

• 100% of the women who gave birth while in our program this year have maintained custody of their children

In Addition…

• We met the physical needs of 31 community clients who participated in 175 visits

• Gave away hundreds of diapers, wipes, articles of clothing, blankets and supplies totaling over $8,750!!!

• Worked over 8,000 direct contact hours with clients (case management, transportation, etc.)

• Participated in two community outreach events (giving away additional items and making referrals)

• Volunteered at This Is Us special needs fun night, Special Touch Getaway and several other events

• Attended the Compassion Experience and began sponsoring a young woman from Bolivia 

• Hosted successful Mother’s Day Tea, Easter Bake Sale and Daddy-Daughter Luau fundraiser

• Enjoyed special events like Red, White & Kaboom, the Christmas Parade and Women’s Summer Soul Spa

• Celebrated three NLC kids’ birthday parties and hosted a twin baby shower for a pregnant client

• Maranda graduated

• Baby Ezra was born

Professional Accomplishments

• Carolyn Espina was recognized for her participation on the Healthy Start Coalition Board of Directors (for Fiscal Year 2016-2018)

• Carolyn Espina was voted in as President Elect on the Healthy Start Coalition Board of Directors

• Carolyn Espina was selected to teach a class at the Experience Conference 

• Carolyn Espina was elected President of the Board of Directors for the Healthy Start Coalition of Polk, Hardee, and Highlands Counties

• The New Life Center passed their records inspection by the Florida Pregnancy Care Network

• The New Life Center successfully completed a grant cycle/inspection with the Polk County Housing & Neighborhood Development department for our Community Development Block Grant and was awarded a new grant for the 2018-2019 grant cycle

• The New Life Center was awarded a grant through the GiveWell Foundation

New Life Boutique

• December, 2017 – the New Life Center organization re-opened the New Life Boutique at our new location!

-a second hand shop specializing in maternity, infant and children’s items

• The new location is double the size of the original shop and has a classroom area in back!

• The goal of the boutique is three-fold: 

1. Provide work/job experience for the NLC residential clients

2. Provide free items for residential clients and community clients as needed

3. Provide income for the New Life Center