The New Life Center for Family Preservation (NLC), a non-profit 

501(c) 3, established in June 2012, in Polk County, Florida, serves pregnant, homeless and low-income women and teens (18 and older).

In 2014, a residential program was opened.  This supportive housing facility is capable of accommodating four homeless women, their infants and a full time Resident Director.

The focus of the NLC is to meet the needs of homeless pregnant women and support them in their desire to keep and raise their child…. changing lives two at a time.

The residents at the NLC pursue educational and employment opportunities with the ultimate goal of becoming independent and productive members of our society.

The residents also participate in church activities, community service projects and social events.   They can remain in the facility and continue to receive services while they are actively working on their individual case plan.






Carolyn Espina: Founder/Executive Director

Lauryn Jenkins: Resident Assistant/Boutique Manager

Rosa Ray: Resident Director

Marie Aristide: Residential Facility Nanny

Jen Chadwick: Boutique Assistant Manager