New Life Center for
Family Preservation, Inc.

Serving homeless pregnant women & teens  in Polk County, FL


NLC was the vision of its founder and executive director, Carolyn Sandifer Espina.

Carolyn wanted to help young, homeless and pregnant women see available options during their pregnancies.   She began working with them on the pathway to become strong and loving mothers and self-sufficient contributing members of society. 

"And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." 
Hebrews 13:16

2016 Accomplishments and Community Involvement:

  • Housed nine women and three babies (born while living in the home)
  • Housed four older children with their mothers
  • Provided over 529 "bed nights" for women
  • Provided over 221 "bed nights" for babies and children
  • Three women were baptized
  • Two women received Doula Services (birth coaching)
  • Two women received professional photography services
  • Two women began or continued working
  • Two women began furthering their education
  • Five women moved on to independent or family living situations
  • Two women continue living at the NLC Home
  • Two women completed a 10-week sexual purity program (through Options for Women)
  • Two women completed a six-week job-readiness program (through Aspire at Southeastern University)
  • All women in our program gave birth to healthy babies
  • All women in our program received case management services
  • All women in our program received life skills training
  • All women in our program received appropriate prenatal care
In addition, in 2016, the New Life Center has:
  • Met the physical needs (baby and maternity related) of over 20 community clients
  • Given away hundreds of diapers, wipes, articles of clothing, blankets and other supplies
  • Worked over 900 direct contact hours with clients (case management, transportation, etc.)
  • Participated in three community outreach programs (giving away items and making referrals)
  • Attended the Teen Parent Program and the Teen Leadership Training Summit as a community resource 
  • Participated in the StandUP Polk Coalition Teen Parenting Initiative
  • Partnered with the Aspire program through the Business Departments at Southeastern University
  • Partnered with the Human Services Masters Degree program at Southeastern University (working with a Master level intern to develop additional programs for NLC)
  • Became an approved residential program for Drug Court clients though the Polk County Courthouse in Bartow
2016 Professional Accomplishments:
  • Carolyn Espina was nominated and voted onto the Board of Directors for the Healthy Start Coalition
  • Carolyn Espina was recognized for her commitment to the community and received a Certificate of Appreciation from Larry Mitchell of New Life Ministries, Lakeland, FL
  • Carolyn Espina, Michelle Campbell and Vicky Miller completed the FIT Program Instructor course (Family Integrity Training, a court-approved life skills/parenting skills training course
2016 Other Achievements:   
The New Life Boutique, a second hand shop specializing in maternity, infant and children items opened April 16

  • The Boutique has been self-sufficient since its opening and continues to sustain itself
  • The goals of the Boutique include:  (1)  Provide income for the NLC; (2) Offer work experience for the NLC residents; (3) Provide complimentary items for residents and community clients, as needed
  • NLC partnered with ECHO Orphan Ministry to receive donations and to buy low-cost items to stock the Boutique


Q. When was NLC founded?
A. June, 2012

Q. Who is the typical resident?
A. The typical resident is a young, homeless woman, age 18 or over, who is pregnant, single and drug-free.

Q. What makes NLC different than other homes for unwed mothers?
A. NLC has strict rules for each resident that must be agreed to in advance of moving in and followed during the residency period.  
NLC teaches moral convictions and values on a one-on-one basis.
NLC works with the mother to establish a family unit.

Q. Why doesn't NLC offer the program to young women under the age of 18?
A. At this time, we are not accredited to house minors.

Q. How do the women find out about NLC?
A. NLC receives referrals for potential clients through the hospitals, Department of Children and Families and many other community agencies.
Women can also locate more information about our programs through the internet and Facebook.

Q. What is the main purpose of the NLC?
A. To help homeless women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies find new life in Jesus Christ, and to pursue educational and employment opportunities while in residence in order to become independent, productive members of society.

Q. How is NLC funded?
A. NLC is funded through individual and business donors, grants and fundraising events.

Q. What is the annual operating budget?
A. The annual budget is $71,400.

Q. What is the monthly cost per resident?
A. The average monthly cost per resident is approximately $1,300.

Q. How many women have completed the program?
A. 16 women have participated in the residential program since 2014.

Q. How many women are currently in residence?
A. We have two full-time residents now.

Q. Is NLC tied to any particular church or denomination?
A. NLC residents attend church at Harvest Assembly of God in Lakeland.  We also participate in various multi-denominational activities
throughout the community.

Q. What events are held during the year to raise funds and to educate the public about NLC?
A. Staff, residents and volunteers participate in various local fundraising and educational events through the year.  NLC also has vendor tables
at Rock the Block three times per year, at Harvest Fest, Teen Parenting Leadership Summit, Stand Up Polk Coalition events.  In 2017, we are participating in a community yard sale, conducting a beautiful baby photo contest and a First Friday event in downtown Lakeland.

Q. Does NLC have a board of directors?  And, if so, how long are the terms?
A. There is a board of directors with terms of at least one year.

Q. Are board members elected?
A. Yes, board members are elected.

Q. What are some of the current needs of NLC?
A. Ongoing and current needs include a 14 passenger van, financial gifts, baby supplies and volunteers to share life experiences and talents.

Mark your calendar!  

Sunday, April 1
Annual bake sale at Harvest Church, 2120 Airport Road, Lakeland 33811 .  

Saturday, May 12
Mother's Day Tea
(More details soon)
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